Garden & Aquatic Centres

We have been publishing Garden Centres data for over 10 years.

The information is continuously updated and supplied individually for each order from the latest data.

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£290 + VAT - Database in Excel format plus Directory in .pdf format on CD

Over 1875 companies showing:

A comprehensive database of UK Garden & Aquatic Centres with contact names and email addresses.

The database is supplied both in Excel and .pdf book format and provides opportunities to carry out email campaigns and print-merged letters and labels. You can select target areas geographically.

We are continuously updating our data and are so confident in its accuracy that we will refund 50p for each incorrect  postal address or hard bounce email returned to us within 1 month of purchase.

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Head Offices of Garden Centre Groups - Total 86 including:

  Name of Chief Executive

  Number of Garden Centres in the Group

  Turnover Figures for leading companies

  Online Garden Centre Stores

Garden Centres - Total 1790 including:

  1081 Independent Centres

  399 Branches of Groups

  310 Aquatic Centres

Current Total - 1876 entries  as follows:

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